Games on Castle Rock BBS

aka Millebourn A BBS version of Milleborne, race to the 1000 mile marker, drop flat tire or out of gas plays on your opponent. You can challenge the computer or another subscriber.
backgammon The classical game, requires a human opponent, you can't play backgammon against the computer.
aka Monopoly A BBS version of Monopoly, acquire properties, build on sets, land in jail, draw chance and community chest, and don't buy my railroads! Like most computer versions of Monopoly, trades are a bit of a pain. No computer opponent.
aka tetris This game plays just like Tetris, you stack the falling shapes to fill rows and rack up a score.
aka Scrabble This game is pretty much like Scrabble, with a slightly different dictionary and a few minor rule changes. You can check to see if a word is in the dictionary, there is no challenging plays, and no penalties for leftover tiles at the end of the game. This game is played against other people
guess what? Similar to Wheel of Fortune. Try to guess the letters in the phrase and hope you don't draw a bankrupt. The neat feature about this game is the database is editable, so we dumped the default answers and created our own, including local places. Subscribers are welcome to suggest new puzzles.
majormud MajorMud is a fantasy game unique to WorldGroup and Major BBS platforms. MUD stands for "Multi-User Dungeons." Each player creates a character, determining it's traits and abilities, and then plays the game to enjoy adventures and develop their character.
minefield Mark which squares have mines. Don't make any misBOOM!takes.
aka pac-man Don't let the ghosts get you, eat a power pill and chow them down. The graphics are ANSI so the screen isn't as pretty as an arcade.
yahtzee Another classic game. This one is fairly simple to play and the challenge lies in getting a better score than the other players during the month.
other games The BBS has the MajorBBS Entertainment add-on, so Hangman, Fazuul, and Androids are available.Teleconference BlackJack and Tingo are available as is Spin the Wheel. Those games, as well as Video Poker and Progressive Slots.