Major Mud is a text-based Multi-User Dungeon. Castle Rock's MMud is Non-PVP game, meaning you can't attack other Castle Rock member characters, though the game itself has plenty of nasty characters and critters willing to slay your character.

It takes a lot of patience to learn MajorMud and develop your character. You can find money and items, talk to game characters, buy equipment and weapons, go on quests and join forces with other players. With Castle Rock's small user base, you need to be fairly self-sufficient to succeed in MajorMud.

Mudville is a good source of assistance in playing Majormud, as well as finding boards to play on. Check out the Mudville links below, and go to the main page for other links and information.
"How do I...?" hint page
characters classes, & races
monsters & bosses & npcs
a list of majormud boards
reviews of mud boards
storyteller's corner

Another excellent site is Turbo Sentry, which is dedicated to keeping MajorMud World Rankings. They do it by several catagories.
gangs realms class race live play movers

A map of Silvermere, the starting point in MajorMud.