CrossWordz a Scrabble game with a few important differences. First, since people could cheat by having a dictionary balanced on top of their modem, the game doesn't have the "challenge" option. There is a built-in dictionary, and everyone can use it to check to see if a word is allowed. You type word and the word to check and hit your return key. The game will let you know that "COW is a valid word." but that "GROTY is not in CROSS-WORDZ dictionary.

There are a lot of acceptable words and some abbreviations allowed in CrossWordz that are not allowed in Scrabble and there may be some Scrabble words that are not in the CrossWordz dictionary."

Second, the two blank tiles, represented by * asterisk's, take on the value of the letter they are played as. Therefore, instead of playing them as a vowel in Scrabble, players are more likely to save them to use as 10 point Q's and Z's or 8 point J's and X's.

Third, since players can take their turns when their opponents aren't in the game, the game ends when the last tile is drawn and all players have gone below holding 7 tiles (letters) or resigned. Then the highest score wins. Ties go to the first player on the list with the score.

A screen shot of a game in progress.

The main Crosswordz menu.