Other Games on Castle Rock BBS

Castle Rock BBS has the standard games that come with the Entertainment Edition:

Hangman - the standard "guess the letters" game.
Androids - overrun the numbers to boost your score which is based on speed as well as count.
Super Nova - similar to Battleships, guess where the opponent's stars are.

We also have the games for teleconference that require credits, which must be purchased separately by holders of unlimited time accounts. Pay BBSes frequently offered two forms of accounts, a flat rate of unlimited time or specified blocks of time which expired after a given period (usually a month), or a per-second/minute account where an amount of access time was purchased and remained in the member's account unil they logged on and consumed it. Not really relevant in these days of Internet play, I've left them online in case a BBSer gets nostalgic:

Tele-Poker - play poker against other people in Teleconference.
Tele-Blackjack - play blackjack against other people in Teleconference.
Tingo - play bingo against other people in Teleconference.
Tele-Wheel - play wheel of fortune against the house.

We also have three other games that require credits:

Mega Slots
Video Poker

We also have Tic-Tac-Toe, and the Grafitti Wall for for posting comments anonymous to other callers.